How long can I keep going at this pace?

You’ve got a booked schedule, some systems in place, and things are moving fast!  

Congrats--you’ve got a "successful" career.

However, success isn't all it's cracked up to be... You dread work many mornings. You've been thinking about ways to avoid serving clients. You find yourself resenting everyone you work with. You're sacrificing your nights, weekends, and sanity to keep up with your admin tasks.  

You're becoming more cynical and notice that the joy your work used to bring is no longer there.

Let's look back at this past year... How many times did you:

  • Have trouble saying "no" and seting clear boundaries, only to be left feeling drained, depleted, and resentful?
  • Put your health and self-care aside, because you were working long hours all week and into the weekend just to keep up with all of your work?
  • Take responsibility for more work than you could handle, because you didn't want to deal with your team or employees?
  • Worry that the quality of your work is deteriorating because you're stretched too thin?  

You know there must be a better way!

Too many professionals stay stuck in chaos or leave their profession entirely because they're unwilling or unable to keep going. 

The good news -- there is a way to create a positive work environment for yourself. One that allows you to take time off from the office, and plan for your future career growth. 

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HELP ME, Katie!!

It's time to find purpose and direction again!

Create systems to focus your time and energy, so you increase productivity without burning out

Build your career to support both your professional and personal goals

Strengthen your leadership skills - find your voice, make the tough decisions, and become the best BOSS you can!

Improve your financial picture - increase revenue, decrease expenses -- so you can keep your doors open and create the lifestyle you want

Build your team - know when to grow, who to add, and how to hire the right people

Manage your team - Learn how to delegate (and keep things delegated!) while boosting engagement and productivity


If you know it's time to break through to the next level in your career, I can help.

As a professional, you might already know how TRANSFORMATIVE it can be to collaborate with another mind to uncover gaps, and get fresh solutions to your problems.  

What you may not know -- when you're overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out you don't have full access to your own creativity and insight. 

Too often, as you're grinding away at our work, you can forget to think about your own big picture. You're constantly reacting to the crisis of the day, without following through on what means most to YOU. 

AND if you think you can break out of this with more hard work, you're just plain wrong. 

Instead, think about what could open up for YOU if you stepped off the treadmill and sought real answers to your pressing questions from an experienced business consultant.

I invite you to:

  • Clarify your vision of your career and your whole life based on your personal values and priorities
  • Imagine the possibilities for growth and change
  • Simplify your work AND your life so you can make a bigger impact, without burning out
  • Take strategic action and evaluate your efforts
  • Gain peace of mind knowing you're doing the right things at the right time 

Here's what's included:

  • An Initial 360 Degree Assessment - You'll reconnect with the big-picture vision of yourself as a professional -- your goals, your motivations, your passions. Then we'll take inventory of your career -- what's working, what isn't, what are your goals for the future?
  • 90-Minute One-on-One Strategy Session - We'll dig into the details and explore those areas that need attention -- whether it's time management, burnout, team challenges, or planning your next strategic move.
  • Growth Goals & Action Roadmap - You'll receive a custom action plan tailored for your career or your business that outlines your next steps, plus my recommended strategies and tools to help you get spectacular results.  

You Aren't Alone!

I'm Katie Vernoy, a licensed therapist, coach, and consultant. As a enterpreneur, executive, and employee, I've navigated the ups and downs of owning my own career. 

I've run my own business, designed innovative programs, built and managed large, thriving teams, and coached hundreds of professionals on how to build meaningful AND sustainable careers.

I've had my ears to the ground for a while now... and here are the most common challenges I hear from professionals like you:

"I don't even know where to start! I'm totally overwhelmed and I'm not sure I'm doing the right things!"

If you are overbooked and running on empty, you need systems to take control of your time and to-dos and the savvy to prioritize in an efficient way.

"I need to hire help, maybe even associates, but I don't know where to start!"  

What you need are proper guidelines and tips so you know how to hire the right people, and the leadership skills training to help you get a happier, more productive team.  

"I thought I'd enjoy my career, but it's too much work! What's next?"

If you've lost your passion, you may be tired of juggling too many hats, or truly ready for a new direction in your mission. It's time to explore!

What others have said about working with Katie:

"Katie is highly intelligent, warm, approachable, and collaborative. She is also incredibly insightful and has a unique way of synthesizing complex ideas into clear and actionable steps.  

Katie has invited me to think a lot more expansively about my career. I am exploring developing a book, more public speaking work and moving into video content."

- Shira Myrow

"Working with Katie gave me the purpose and peace of mind that I was lacking in my business. Katie is an exceptional listener and a creative thinker, and knows precisely how to distill issues down to their essential importance. Working with Katie has given me the confidence and freedom to approach each day well-equipped to prioritize my tasks and to understand how I can be the most productive through myriad challenges. Katie’s follow-up materials and professionalism along with an ability to parse out details provide winning solutions every time."

- Janice G. Walters

"I greatly appreciated your insights and support in creating a vision for the next steps in my private practice. I love the action plan you sent! I left our session feeling focused and excited about digging into the next phase of my practice. Best of all, I felt more lighthearted."

Lisa Bowker

Ready for a fresh perspective on how to own your career?

You'll get a full assessment of your career AND a personalized strategy action plan to guide you to your next level of growth -- for a fraction of the cost of most business trainings.  

It's just a $597 investment, and the results you'll experience - whether it's a smoother-running team, that sought after promotion, improved cash flow, or a stress-free vacation, this will pay you back emotionally, professionally, and financially.  


Book your Own Your Career Path Strategy Session for just $597 $447!


Don't wait to get a clear plan for your career and your life!

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  • Receive a clear action plan to move your career forward, so you can get back to loving your work, and your life again
  • Solve your pressing challenges, so you can finally get unstuck and find a new level of satisfaction and joy in your career.
  • Get specific tools, strategies and systems to reduce your overwhelm, free your time and mental energy, so you can do your best work!
  • Create breakthroughs for your career!

Own Your Career Path Strategy Session

When you're ready to make a bigger impact, it's time to evolve!

It's time to get strategic. Are you ready?