My Practice is growing, but I'm burning out!

You're working long days and weekends, and you're starting wonder, "How long can I keep going at this pace?"

You wonder if the quality of care you provide is deteriorating because you're stretched too thin.  

You know there must be a better way...  

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It's time for a Strategic Business Breakthrough!

Create systems to focus your time and energy, so you increase productivity without burning out

Build your career to support both your professional and personal goals

Strengthen your leadership skills -- find your voice, make the tough decisions, and become the best BOSS you can!

Improve your financial picture - increase revenue, decrease expenses -- so you can keep your doors open and create the lifestyle you want

Build your team - know when to grow, who to add, and how to hire the right people

Manage your team - Learn how to delegate (and keep things delegated!) while boosting engagement and productivity

If you know it's time to break through to the next level in your career, I can help.

As a helping professional, you already know how TRANSFORMATIVE it can be to collaborate with another mind to uncover gaps, and get fresh solutions to your problems. Have you thought about what could open up for YOU if you sought real answers to your pressing questions from an experienced business consultant who is a fellow helper, like you?

Here's what's included:

  • An Initial 360 Degree Assessment - You'll reconnect with the big-picture vision of yourself as a helping professional -- your goals, your motivations, your passions. Then we'll take inventory of your practice -- what's working, what isn't, what are your goals for the future?
  • Business Breakthrough 90-Minute Deep Dive - We'll dig into the details and explore those areas that need attention -- whether it's time management, burnout, team challenges, or planning your next strategic move.
  • Growth Goals & Action Roadmap - You'll receive a custom action plan tailored for your business that outlines your next steps, plus my recommended strategies and tools to help you get spectacular results.  

You Aren't Alone!

I'm Katie Vernoy, a licensed therapist, coach and consultant. As a helping professional for over two decades, I've navigated the ups and downs of our unique line of work. 

I've run my own solo therapy practice, designed innovative clinical programs, built and managed large, thriving teams of service providers, and coached hundreds of helping professionals on how to build meaningful AND sustainable practices.

I've had my ears to the ground for a while now... and here are the most common challenges I hear from helping professinals like you:

"I don't even know where to start! I'm totally overwhelmed and I'm not sure I'm doing the right things!"

If you are overbooked and running on empty, you need systems to take control of your time and to-dos and the savvy to prioritize in an efficient way.

"I need to hire help, maybe even associates, but I don't know where to start!"  

What you need are proper guidelines and tips so you know how to hire the right people, and the leadership skills training to help you get a happier, more productive team.  

"I thought I'd enjoy running a practice, but it's too much work! What's next?"

If you've lost your passion, you may be tired of juggling too many hats, or truly ready for a new direction in your healing mission. It's time to explore!

As a Smart Practitioner you get $100 off!

  • Receive a clear action plan to move your practice forward, so you can get back to loving your career, and your life again
  • Solve your pressing challenges, so you can finally get unstuck and find a new level of satisfaction and joy in your career.
  • Get specific tools, strategies and systems to reduce your overwhelm, free your time and mental energy, so you can do your best work!
  • Create breakthroughs for your practice -- and your career!

And that's not all!! Enjoy these extra BONUSES (only for Smart Practitioners!)

When you sign up for my "Grow Your Practice" Strategic Business Breakthrough, I also have a few BONUS resources I'm sharing from my personal folder to help you take things even further.

It's a special free gift to help you get the most out of our personalized strategy session. 

BONUS - How to Thrive (Without Burnout) $47 Value

An information packed webinar that gives you my step-by-step process to help you plan for growth, and incorporate healthy self-care practices. 

BONUS - The Ultimate "Grow Your Private Practice" Success Checklist $47 Value

Don't miss this must-have checklist hat makes sure your bases are covered, from fundamental business systems to growth strategies. 

BONUS - "Making Decisions like a BOSS" - A Helper's Guide to Growing a Meaningful and Sustainable Career $47 Value

This workbook will help you envision and set expectations for your dream career. You'll explore your big bold vision and the logistics to make it happen. We will also look at at you value, mindset shifts for success, and what it takes to step into leadership

Ready for a fresh perspective on how to run your business?

You'll get a personalized business strategy action plan to guide you to your next level of growth -- for a fraction of the cost of most business trainings.  

It's just a $497 investment, and the results you'll experience - whether it's a smoother-running team, or improved cash flow, will pay you back emotionally, professionally and financially.  

Book your Strategic Business Breakthrough for just $497!

Just $397 for Smart Practitioners!

What Your Colleagues Say About Working With Katie

Cori Rosenthal, LMFT

I was fortunate enough to find Katie immediately following passing my licensing exam. I wanted someone who could help me organize my time, hold me accountable and build my private practice. Katie is smart, knowledgeable, experienced and enjoyable to work with. I met my private practice goals for that first year and have the accountability and inspiration from my regular meetings with Katie to continue to grow.

Scott and Nina Sawyer, Inspire Sea Coast

My husband and I met with Katie as we are in the process of growing our Counseling and Life Coaching practice. We were looking for affirmation that we were doing things right, and we wanted to see where we could improve regarding our brand, website, and vision. We immediately felt that Katie understood us and cared about our practice. She was able to help us to feel more confident in the direction and vision of our practice. She also gave us tailored and creative suggestions of how to improve our website, organizational systems, and maximize our time. After working together, we felt like we experienced immediate clarity on some big issues that were looming over our heads which helped us to move forward quickly and with confidence – allowing us to spend more time focusing on our clients and our family. We would recommend business coaching with Katie. She’s warm, knowledgeable, focused, and passionate about her work.

Strategic Business Breakthrough

When you're ready to make a bigger impact, it's time to evolve!

It's time to get strategic. Are you ready?