Therapy Reimagined 2019

The #ModernTherapist Conference!

October 18-19 | Los Angeles, CA


Why Therapy Reimagined?

Do you feel silenced or disregarded by our profession? 

So many of us have been ignored because we don't fit the traditional mold or are shut down for being different. 

But what makes us different -- our cultural heritage, our gender, our unique diversity, our creativity, our motivation and perspective on the work -- is what makes us more powerful as clinicians. 

We can't shut down who we are and we shouldn't.

It's time to talk about how to be innovative, connected, authentic... AND grounded in laws, ethics, and clinical excellence. 

Let's reimagine therapy...

Most conferences focus on clinical interventions and what you do TO clients. 

But what are you doing FOR YOURSELF?  

Who you are is important. 

You're not just a cog in the therapy machine! 

When you burnout or washout - not only do we lose your gifts and your unique perspective, but we also lose mental health access and valuable treatment for our communities.  

This is so important -- For our profession, for our comunities, and for each one of us!  

Join us for the conversations we need to be having NOW: 

  • How to build practices that welcome diversity  
  • How to integrate technology and business systems  
  • How to engage in advocacy for our profession 
  • How to incorporate deliberate practice and self-care.  

Are you ready to join the #therapymovement?

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